Is nat wolff dating rosilina

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Is nat wolff dating rosilina

Season 3, Episode 2 CCTV-Y7 When Nat sees a tabloid photo of Rosalina kissing another boy during her round the world cruise, he becomes convinced that he’s losing her for good and goes into a funk that threatens to prevent him from finishing the movie the band is making.

Desperate to snap him out of his gloom, Alex leads Nat into the wilderness, believing that surviving the perils of nature will lead Nat to discover his inner strength and regain his mojo.

Trouble mounts for Alex after his boast that he’s the greatest drummer in the world finds its way onto the internet and famous drummers start coming after him!

Natalina (Nat and Rosalina) is the romantic/friendly pairing of Main Characters Nat Wolff and Rosaliout of the series,this is the main pairing.

This season also features four prime-time, hour-long television movie events and three half-hour holiday specials filled with special guests and all-new music written and performed by Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff.

Season 3, Episode 1 CCTV-Y7 The Naked Brothers Band is making a major motion picture! Nat can’t understand why Rosalina seems to be sabotaging herself with terrible acting in order to get written out of the film.

Meanwhile, Alex is in a competition with the Adorable Timmerman Brothers to create the world’s worst online Christmas video.Get ready for another rockin’ season of The Naked Brothers Band!Season three follows the band as they make their first motion picture - from the shoot to the red carpet premiere!Looking, nice to talk to about sensible and naughty things and most of all sweet.You don’t force yours self to people who doesn’t like you, Choose to do this because you want to.

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