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In addition, millennials tend to wait longer than their parents or grandparents did to enter into serious relationships and marry.

According to the Pew Research Center, only one in five millennials is married and one in eight is married with children.

University of Minnesota sophomore Monica Delgado is in a relationship.

She and her boyfriend, who is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin, have officially been dating for more than a year.

That’s significantly fewer than the number of married Gen Xers and about half of the baby boomers who were married when they were the same age.

A method of testing the performance of an ad or a commercial whereby members of the audience are surveyed one day after their exposure to an ad or commercial in an advertising vehicle to discover how many of the audience members remember encountering that specific ad or commercial in the advertising vehicle.

statistical methods for predicting each customer's likelihood of future purchases of specific items based on his/her history of past purchases, and 3.

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What constitutes dating isn’t fixed; it’s constantly evolving, changing with each successive generation.

In fact, “dating as a social practice isn’t that old,” said Kathleen Hull, a University of Minnesota professor who teaches a class called “Love, Sex and Marriage.” Formal courting — with marriage as the end goal — was common in the 1920s and ’30s, she explained.

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