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This is why if you are willing to narrowly limit the definition of the claimed invention the possibility of obtaining a patent goes way up even if there is a lot of similar prior art. Beyond the novelty question of exact identity you must consider that what makes your invention unique and how your invention can be distinguished over the totality of the prior art. 103) they will look at a variety of references and pull this from one and that from another, ultimately seeing if they can find all the pieces, parts and functionality of your invention in the prior art.

Recipes can be novel, although it does frequently stretch the imagination to think that a particular recipe has never been contemplated, described, used or sold by anyone anywhere. This is required because when a Patent Examiner deals with issues of obviousness (i.e., 35 U. There is more to it than just finding every piece and part, because on some level all inventions are made up of known pieces, parts and functionality.

One of the most common questions I receive, dating back to the very beginning of, is whether recipes can be protected by any form of intellectual property.“In this particular case, podcasting is a technology that is used by a lot of non-traditional media outlets,” EFF staff Attorney Vera Ranieri told Tech Crunch following today’s decision.“Here it was a technology that was allowing a lot of non-traditional players to let their values be known.It is the most comprehensive golf collection in Britain, and one of the finest worldwide, celebrating golf from grass roots to international level.Over 16,000 items cover equipment (clubs, balls, manufacturing and clothing), prizes (trophies and medals), decorative art (artworks, ceramics, silverware and ephemera), film, photographs and archives (books, periodicals, programmes and patents).

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This recipe, therefore, provides a solution to a particular problem. Nut butter and jelly food slice – This invention includes a first and a second layer of jelly disposed in contacting relationship with each other.

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