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She was also a jewellery connoisseur and had an extensive jewelry collection, including the 41.37 carat (8.274 g), D-flawless "Ashoka" diamond. More »

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I’m not going to be in something where I have to worry or wonder that the person I’m exclusive with is as ‘into’ the relationship as I am. I’m really not one to spoonfeed words to anyone reading my articles. However, in this case, I feel that the conversation points I laid out above do more to instruct than even my explaining of my viewpoint would have… More »

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After the braces come off and the acne clears up, you're left with a smart, nice-looking man who on some level will always feel extremely grateful to have a girlfriend. So, read a couple of good science-fiction books -- or just rent The Lord of the Rings. If you want to find a nice, laid-back guy, go to a bar that has sawdust on the floor and bowling trophies on the walls. More »

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Open your mind to new experience and your heart to new people! More »

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A shy man may never become courageous enough to approach women in general, but he can eventually grow comfortable with a girlfriend or wife. More »

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Isolated and stupefyingly hot (more than 100 days a year over 100 degrees and temperatures well into the 120s during the summer months are common), very few people could stand to be in this part of the world until the waters came. More »

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Bien que le terme "travesti" est employé habituellement quelqu'un qui a l'habitude de se travestir, les différences avec la transidentité et l'homosexualité restent floues dans beaucoup des pays, notamment en Amérique Latine, surtout au niveau de la terminologie employée. More »

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Unlike Twitter, there is no character limit, but longer posts are unusual. More »